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How to Successfully Navigate the IP Transition

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Engineering and Operations Consulting to Wireless Network Operators

Cell and WISP providers are interconnecting more robustly with Cable, Telephone and Over-the-Top telecommunications providers.  The Cell operator is device centric when establishing consumer access lines.  Personality of the device requires but has yet to meet multiple profile operation to protect business and personal accounts. 

CellCo Planning consultants help Cell operator migrate to 4G/LTE network upgrades from the old market development model of partner portal offering in better using the AppStore offerings the subscribers and advanced telecommunications services development firms are offering.   The old portal model is effectively suppressing DATA consumption in 3G subscribers allowing for the effort to cost effectively migrated consumers to 4G networks, when ARPU rises to pay for the new AppStore models.
              DATA and Software Defined Networks

CellCo Planning consultants advise in the implementation of effective Big DATA back-office solutions will help Cell operators address the multiple subscriber profiles as they move to business smartphones and personal tablet uses. 

Likewise the huge opportunity to support Over-The-Top data requirements of consumers using their data packages will be better managed in the uniform portal partner offerings while  

                        All-IP Networks

Cellco Planning addresses the transmission signaling for convergent advanced telecommunications sessions.  Cellco Planning consultants address network transmission solutions when interconnecting to telephone and cable operators.  Initially the Cell parent companies led to Exchange Access Line signaling as a large subscriber of the exchange network.  Slowly, larger and more integrated trunking products from exchange parent companies became more important and negotiable while the network connection to cable and non-parent exchange carriers remained an obstructive interconnection model. 

Cell operators now have advanced switching platforms to support SigTran to SIP network signaling that will play well for 4G/LTE transmission interconnection.  The inter-operability of cell networks to cable and large exchange carriers is leading to an All-IP network.

More important to cell operators is the development of consumer data and sessions with more security and quality assurance by avoiding hand-off of data integrated sessions to competitive wi-fi offerings. 

Wireless (WISP)

CellCo Planning consultants are prepared to guide WISP providers in their Broadband conforming network architecture in parallel to their Wi-Fi/Wi-Max and Point-to-Point network operations.  Converting subscribers to uniform BGP and SBC interfaces with Voice and Over-the-Top providers will bring a tremendous amount of opportunities to enhance subscriber experience. 

WISP providers not only survive but effectively become the primary providers of Broadband and DATA services to it's subscribes where wireless access loop is required.  Cellco Planning consultants help WISP exploit their opportunity to serve end-users. 


As Cell operators have found, Mobility Voice is a fundamental expectation but not a fundamental consumer driver.  SMS, Applications Tools (personal and work) and Social Networking are really driving consumer experience.

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